CD releases


New Book: Everything's Relative

Physicist Tony Rothman has published a book documenting and debunking the stories of famous discoveries in the sciences. One entertaining chapter is devoted to the history of George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr's patent.

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New Film: Bad Boy Made Good

Ballet mécanique expert and Antheil fan Paul Lehrman has created a 70-minute film documenting the development of the Ballet mécanique. View the site for more information. The result is excellent!

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Robotic Version of the Ballet mécanique


Solo Version of Ballet mécanique


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The Essential CD


OtherMinds has released a fascinating 2-CD set of words and music of George Antheil, including Antheil himself at the piano. Charles Amirkhanian, the producer of this disc, writes:
"Western Europe, the birthplace of what we call
'classical music,' woke up to the fact that the U.S.
could make an impact in the field, not through
George Gershwin or Aaron Copland, but through
the name of George Antheil—the first truly modern
U.S.-born composer to have any significant impact
internationally. One hundred years after his birth,
Antheil's music and career are beginning again to
attract international attention. His provocative music
was a reflection of an adventure-filled life, and it
rewards serious attention."
This disc can be ordered from the OtherMinds site.

Piano Music:

Wergo Records presents 2 CDs of the piano sonatas, sponsored by the Composers Guild of New Jersey and including 8 previously unrecorded works. Le Monde described Guy Livingston's performance as 'dazzling.' These CDs are published by Wergo Records (Germany).



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Photo courtesy of the Henry Antheil family: taken circa 1910. This pictures Henry, Violet, Grandma Antheil, Alice, and George, nattily dressed in hat and tie. They are shown at the farm near Trenton where the cousins spent most of their summers.